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Woven Axminster

Axminster carpets are the first choice in floor covering, satisfying the needs of designers, property owners, and users. The Designers and specifiers might enjoy the design flexibility, natural beauty, and luxurious look and feel of axminster. Property owners know that axminster gives a high-end image while offering a good value or their investment with maintenance and energy savings, improved air quality, fire safety, and excellent appearance retention and durability. Using state-of-the-art Van De Wiele machines, we are able to produce our clients’ most complex and creative designs, with the use of up to sixteen colors and in a choice of widths. Having such manufacturing flexibility and versatility each custom carpet produced from our Custom Woven Axminster Program is distinctive and truly an expression of our clients’ own creativity. By combining our established creative and technical expertise at the beginning of a project to produce entire designs in “woven to plan” full-length rolls, we are able to engineer carpets with no limitations to complexity of design. This innovative technology results in little or no cross joining, reduced seaming costs and installation time, allows for perfect corner details, repeats and color placement, and most importantly provides the added benefit of minimal wastage. The design repeat can be virtually any length, creating an ever increasing variety of designs, which require only limited selvedge seaming. Initial design concepts and working drawings are assessed by our design and planning teams to create detailed technical drawings, illustrating how the design fits together and where each full roll element should be installed.